How screen time affects your skin

With many of us working from home and having to use technology to keep in touch with colleagues, bosses and friends, we are spending infinitely more time on our devices.

While we know spending hours looking at a laptop and/or phone, particularly from a makeshift desk set-up, can cause eye strain and “tech neck” – tension in the back and neck from looking down at devices – did you realise it also has an impact on the skin over time?

Alice Moore, Facialist and founder of skincare brand Kyushi, has explained…

Caffeine ‘should be avoided’ during pregnancy

Pregnant women should avoid drinking caffeine completely, experts have warned.

Expectant mothers should ditch coffee in order to avoid the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight and stillbirth, according to a new peer-reviewed study led by Professor Jack James.

Researchers analysed more than 1,200 studies which documented caffeine’s effect on pregnancy and found “persuasive confirmation of increased risk” for miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight, leukaemia, and childhood obesity…